Songwriting is such a powerful art and such a crucial skill to develop in the music industry. I’ve had the privilege of writing with some of the best writers in Nashville. I’m truly honored that many artists have chosen to record and release songs I’ve written.


Publishing Deals

RPM Music Group
Publishers: Blake Chancey, Scott Siman
Term: 2011-2013

Harmon Music Management
Publisher: Rusty Harmon
Term: 2014-2016


Song Cuts

Cowboy Troy – “Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots”

Smoke n Guns- “Gasoline”

Scarletta- “Right Here Right Now”
“She’ll Never Love You Like Me”
“Jealous Boy”
“The Rabbit Hole”
“Nothing Like a Heartbreak”
“Want Me”
“Keep The Change”
“Lovin on Me”
“Cold Beer and Dirt Roads”

Aberdeen Green- “Kitty Wells Song”

Risa Binder- “Feels Like Home”

Willow Hill- “Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya”
“Don’t Threaten Me With A Good time”
“More Like A Memory”

Taylor Gayle- “Before We Say Goodbye”
“Elementary Love”

Kianna Martinez- “Used To Be”
“I Can Do It Better”

Ethan Jones- “Little Things”

Colin Axxxwell- “That Guy”
“Look Up”

Aria Summer- “We Got Something”

Melissa Michaelson – “When You’re Holding Me”
“I’m Going Fishing”

Chesapeake Sons- “The Things I’ve Done”
“Walk Through The Fire”

Southern Halo- “Living Like That”

Laura Walsh- “Whiskey’s Talking”

Abby Stephens: “Front Porch Swing”

Sarah Collins- “Everybody’s Waiting On Something”

Grace Tyler- “That’s Cool”

Afton Prater- “I Want A Truck”
“Barbed Wire”

Gabby Walker – “Drive”
“Life Goes On”
“I Do”
“This Town Is Where I Belong”
“No Regrets”

LeeAnne Bauer- “Brave Enough To Love”

Ryan Bexley- “Good Lovin”

Cooper Boone- “Cougar Dream”
“In An Instant”

Kendall Bowser – “Say Goodbye”